Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tagged that I got tagged by Green Girl, I'm tagging you. I'm a newbie but if you follow the rules below all will be well...[Please feel free to disregard this's not mandatory:)]

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  3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
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In no particular order, My Six Things/Habits/Quirks

1. I love singing...singing/chanting/making up a tune/singing with others.

2. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich is my favorite comfort food.

3. I like the saying, "there's more to life than increasing its speed."

4. I would rather be outside than inside the house.

5. My two boys and mate are my best friends--and our pup thinks she's the little sister;)

6. Eating with chopsticks is way fun.

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