Wednesday, January 16, 2008

UFO Sighting on CNN/NBC/NPR etc.

Is it just me or is there an inordinate amount of mainstream coverage about an alleged UFO sighting over Stephenville, Texas yesterday (

CNN, NBC, ABC, and NPR all had stories in the past 24 hours on the subject. Several eye-witnesses, including a local pilot and the town constable, saw the flying UFO. Also reported were two fast jets chasing it but one witness said it--the UFO--traveled so quickly that no jet could keep up.

This reminds me of a sighting I had in broad daylight on the Upper Westside of Manhattan in the mid '90s. As I was standing on a Columbus Avenue corner during my lunch break, I looked north toward Harlem and saw a strange, cigar-shaped ship about two miles away hovering at low altitude just above the buildings' skyline. It lingered for a minute or two. Then it simultaneously zoomed horizontally and vanished in the same milli-second. I mean, there was no way a jet or rocket or blimp or balloon or helicopter or ANYTHING could have sped away like that. But it did. I turned to the middle-aged man and a younger guy standing next to me and asked, "did you see that?" They confirmed that they, too, had seen it. Amazing.

I'm glad that there's more attention being paid by the media.

Here's a supposed sighting in Mexico:


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Melissa said...

You know they're taking it seriously when it hits mainstream news--instead of The Enquirer and The Star!

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