Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Transforming Things

Last week I worked for the Obama for President phonebank in Katonah--one town North of Chappaqua. It was basically a grassroots organization since not a lot of money/focus was put on New York, being Clinton's "home" state. I reminded people to get out to vote and was impressed that an equal number of people on the list supported each candidate.

So...last night I remembered why declaring myself an "independent" in New York is different than in Michigan where there are open primaries. I couldn't vote. How annoying.

After being turned away at the polls in Croton Falls despite a friendly discussion with local officials, I drove to every former polling place I had voted in during the past seven years (prior to our move to MI) just in case I was still listed on the rolls.

To no avail; the lists had been updated--which is good when you think of it. I couldn't cast my vote but am glad the race is still on.

The following is worth checking out:

Healing and transforming sound like the way to me.

Did you get the subliminal "chosen" instead of "choice...."

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