Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Holocaust Declaration and Other Ramblings

Charles Krauthamer of the Washington Post has posed an interesting proposal for the President of the United States...and the presidential candidates.

Since deterring messianic maniacs is the goal, good luck to us all. When I was a kid I learned that the Messianic Era wasn't when everyone was going to be "saved" by a supernatural being, but a time when we people would get our acts together and heal the world by doing what's right and just. Peace fully imagined... transcendence of the mundane, competitive fractured world in which we currently abide.

Unfortunately, when there are sociopaths at the trigger it's hard to commit steadfastly to this standard. We can have it as a goal while living in the real world and taking on the racist, anti-equality-for-all folk.

Do most of the people of the world realize that the holy shrine at Mecca was once a shrine to God in the feminine? The creator as Goddess? Since the end of that time (credited to the Prophet Muhammed) many women and girls have been oppressed and treated as less than fully human. Yet they endure.

Have some women given up hope for the future? do they teach their children to hate the other? to die for hatred? do these people have real opportunities for self-determination?

Why do some of Iran's leaders want to annihilate Israel and the Jewish people? What's to be gained? It's much better to live in tolerance and celebrate our differences. We all are children of the One. It's time for Hamas to admit this and stop it's obsessive hatred of all-things Israel. I applaud Barack Obama's recent condemnation of his former pastor's printing of a decree by a leader of Hamas:

And while we're at it let's make sure to protect by decree and action the women and families of Darfur, of the Native American nations being preyed upon by rapists, victims of the Taliban in Afghanistan, and so forth. What women have to endure can and does affect this world. It's time to acknowledge this truth and begin the healing...all women are sacred.

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