Friday, April 18, 2008

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Goes for Everyone

Let me get this straight...misogynistic epithets are wrong.

I would have LOVED to support a woman in this election; however, I’ve come to believe that HRC's not the one. It's NOT that I hold her to a higher standard because she's female (I'm a feminist/not self-hating).

Women are leaders, should be leaders and STRONG ones. Our foremothers were strong and respected leaders long before the hierarchy of the church, colonization and the industrial revolution.

Had Hillary embraced Barack Obama's inclusive, respectful outlook, then she'd have my vote. Any means to an end doesn't work when you are a leader. Her campaign has been negative in ways that damage relations between people. Her husband was way out of line. Their acceptance of his use/abuse of other women is wrong.

As a Jew of some Native American ancestry, I think Barack embraces an idea of repairing the world that includes all people...sees the unity that can be achieved if people walk their talk...a sacred path; whereas, with Hillary her dismissive sarcasm regarding that outlook offends while showing she’s out-of-touch with her heritage.

Yes, I am angry that women are often not treated as equals. Anyone who demeans women in the public arena should be shouted down, and in the private sphere stopped. The woman at McCain's campaign's event was much more out of line than Tina Fey on 'SNL'. Fey was embracing the term "bitch" as a term of empowerment in a comedy sketch; the woman at the campaign was a tool. One could argue, that Fey represents the patriarchal princess in that she has been blessed by the powers-that-be (Lorne Michaels and NBC) to have a stage...but I took it as a 'women united will never be defeated' stance.

Barack should and does speak out against sexism because he knows it denigrates his mother, wife, daughters and all women. It is discrimination. Yeah, it’d be great if Barack were female…but he's not and I won’t hold that against him. Discrimination...sexism and racism are WRONG.

When he’s president I expect to see many female members of the cabinet and in other leadership postions; in the future I know another woman will emerge as a leader, one deserving to be president.

And if by some chance HRC wins the nomination, I will support her candidacy.

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