Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Standing Tall

I think it was important for Senator Obama to stand on his own after Reverend Wright's recent public appearances.

I watched the Bill Moyers interview on PBS and then the speech at the National Press Club. The different venues definitely affected the pastor's delivery. He was witty and conversational at the former, gave a well-spoken speech at the latter and then played to a crowd of sympathetic listeners while concurrently answering media questions--a tricky situation.

The fact that a Hillary Rodham Clinton supporter facilitated the whole thing leaves one to wonder.

Wright should have been given a separate mic from the moderator. During the Q&A, I think his more theatrical approach didn't play so well to the TV audience--but it seemed to connect to his live audience. The farthest out he got was when he referenced his "color"--although that's his own story. [He might do well to try DNA testing to find out more about his genealogy; as he may know it's okay to be of mixed ancestry.]

When he explained how someone might consider the government capable of doing unjust things (however far-fetched to many), he seemed simultaneously open-minded and misled.

As a Jewish woman, I think I've heard far more strident sermons in some white churches that I've been to. Seeing other people as equal and trying to "reconcile" with them is a universal value and a part of healing this world.

Barack Obama embraces this paradigm, most hearteningly, with self-respect. He has handled himself with thoughtful poise and fearlessness. He's his own person, and he'll be a great president!

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