Saturday, April 5, 2008

Warping the Present

A new documentary film called "Stalags," about pornographic paperbacks depicting fictional sex abuse of male American and British POWs by female Nazi captors that appeared in Israel in the early '60s post-Eichmann trial, showcases what is WRONG about a lot of porn.

In this case a young Israeli, who claims to have a German girlfriend who is a granddaughter of a Nazi SS officer says,
I imagine her grandfather when I look at her face and I say, 'You killed Jews, but look what this Jew is doing to your granddaughter.' I'm no pervert. Just an Israeli enjoying life.
Missing--I assume--is the interview with the woman or object in this case. The fact that this guy, whom I believe must be a generation or two removed from WWII, likes to see his girlfriend's grandfather's face while he's giving it to her is f@%&ed up. That some males get off on revenge fantasies and take it out on innocent women is disturbing.

Maybe these two shouldn't be dating. But since they are I hope for her sake that she knew what he was about...or at least found out. Let's not assume that everyone who crosses "boundaries" in love does it for kinky or screwed up reasons of revenge.

If we are going to heal this world, we've got to behave in a way that doesn't harm others. Why be complicit in a cycle of vengeance that harms women and their children for generations to come. Afterall, we're all related.

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