Thursday, May 29, 2008

So...I'm Hoping I Overreacted...

...since there are those, like some folks on the Pine Ridge Reservation, who support Hillary and give her the benefit of a doubt.

I would rather make peace--but not at all costs. Just hope everyone has learned a lesson. Boy, that sounds pretty naive. Even so..."I regret that...referencing that moment...was in any way offensive." And let's hope that Maureen can see the future;)

Meanwhile, Mt. Rushmore is pretty cool (I visited in third grade and got a mini knife, complete w/compass in the hilt and leather-fringed, gold-letter-embossed sheath...made in China). Still it's important to remember that it was blasted on sacred ground to the Lakota--the Black Hills. So...let's not forget.

Isn't there a Crazy Horse monument, too? He was also known as Tashunca-uitco.

I'm going back to bed; I hope to dream.

I DIDN'T say I'd vote for her!