Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is being sort of gracious tonight. I'm liking her more now that she's being positive...but when will she concede? and stop claiming the "popular vote;" that's not proven.

Up until the end of last year--when I hadn't really been paying attention to what her campaign was putting out there about Obama--I was in her camp. Why not? She has a lot of good policy ideas.

However, it's been a nasty fight; I don't like some of the stuff she's dredged in hinter lands. But, she might be a help in the Fall. For a lot of folks, she's been a touchstone. And that's all right. Still, she could have stayed positive and not allowed her campaign to attempt to trash Senator Obama.

I hope she's given back the kid a bike....I DON'T like her exit song, "Better Than All the Rest." Talk about elitist. She doesn't get it that it's not about her.

Obama '08!

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