Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It's Not About Sexism...

Now that John McCain has jumped the shark by flying in a teenager from Alaska for a good ol' shot-gun wedding, I can't help but laugh at the RNC/GOPs calls of sexism in those asking legitimate questions of his running-mate, Governor Sarah Palin.

Palin is a real danger and I'm not joking. Well, maybe I can afford a smile at this point since they haven't been elected...yet.

I'm not gloating on a sure-thing at this point because I've been there before. I was surprised to learn that I was the only one in my third-grade-class to have voted for George McGovern in '72. And then Richard Nixon's resignation totally ruined my sleepover with my bestfriend when we couldn't find anything else to watch on TV that August night. I was amazed in '80 when the palsified Ronald Reagan seemed to take over the minds of many of my peers. Could they really believe in that phoniness?

With the Camp David accords of the Carter years and the improved economy during the Clinton administration, I was confident that Al Gore would and did win the election. When we Americans couldn't seem to redefeat George Bush and John Kerry was swift-boated out of the water, I was angry and more determined than ever.

(Someone/we should really look into election-rigging in this country.)

When Hillary Clinton announced her campaign, I was elated. Finally, the smarter half of the Clinton team would run. When Barack Obama and John Edwards entered the race, I was thrilled at the depth of the field. When Senator Clinton started going negative on Senator Obama, I started paying more attention. And I realized in my gut that she was not up to the task.

I'm pleased with the way the Democratic convention turned out. Hillary was strong in her speech, and especially in moving to suspend the roll call in nominating Obama. Michelle Obama was passionately real; Bill succinctly got to the point, Joe Biden sparkled and Barack Obama strongly made his case. In the spirit of unity the Democrats came together.

Now compare that with McCain/Palin. McCain's no spring chicken and--like his predecessor--has attentional issues. Compounding the issue is yet another Republican who can't pronounce "nuclear" and Palin is only beginning to glow with a zealot's potential.

In Alaska she tried banning books as mayor of Wasilla. As governor she tried having her sister's ex-husband fired from his job. She's against protecting polar bears and for aerial shooting of wolves. She's spoken in her church how the war in Iraq is God's will. She's against science and for teaching creationism in public schools.

And Miss Holier-than-Thou said this of the incumbent mayor when ousting him:
"Sarah comes in with all this ideological stuff, and I was like, ‘Whoa,’ ” said Mr. Stein, who lost the election. “But that got her elected: abortion, gun rights, term limits and the religious born-again thing. I’m not a churchgoing guy, and that was another issue: ‘We will have our first Christian mayor.’ ”

“I thought: ‘Holy cow, what’s happening here? Does that mean she thinks I’m Jewish or Islamic?’ ” recalled Mr. Stein, who was raised Lutheran, and later went to work as the administrator for the city of Sitka in southeast Alaska. “The point was that she was a born-again Christian.”

So...Miss Sarah wants to be the Church Lady of all of us? I think not. And by the way I think Senator Clinton has been too low key about Governor Palin. What's up? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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