Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The RaNCid Show

Is it just me or are there like barely any people of color at the Republican Convention? Or maybe that phrase to them means brunette. Seriously, Carly Fiorina had to darken down to back up Meg Whitman or it would have been non-stop blondes.

Anyway, not that there's anything wrong with being rich. I just can't stand them whining the 'trickle down' mantra...that hasn't ever worked. Hey, they got to their positions somehow, so can you. But the government shouldn't help you. Nope.

And they're pretty upfront about if the rich folk's taxes go up, they'll just pass that burden along to everyone else...isn't that what they've done during the Bush and Reagan years anyway?

Hypocrisy. The GOP ruins the economy and the surplus and then gripes about paying their fair share. It's okay for Bush to leave this country in tatters but don't expect anyone to pick up the pieces. You're on your own, as Barack and others have said.

Well, as an American, I find that self-righteous attitude pretty lame. They back up their personal luck stories with tales of the valiant folk who've fought and died for our country. As if only Republicans have served their country.

My ancestors were here before the Revolutionary War and many served along the way. Being a tortured war hero doesn't mean you're automatically qualified to serve as president.

Between Mitt Romney, Huck Finn Huckabee and blood-blathering Rudi Giuliani, it's getting pretty moist in the xCel center. Now, he's denigrating Obama for having worked as a community organizer. There's the one black man clapping for Giuliani. Whatever.

Now that is a circus. Drunk caucasians are turning beet red under their straw hats guffawing for the nice mayor who has tried to milk 9/11 for all its worth. Do some people forget that the people who died in the towers were from many different nationalities. They were not all Republican sympathizers either.

"Change is not a destination, just like hope is not a strategy," he says. What do the Bushies know about improving the economy? They're just about pillaging.

Oh...and now he's complaining about the Dems not talking about Islamic terrorism. He's pushing his constituency for a Holy War. Idiocy. Now he's saying Democrats have given up on Iraq and, therefore, have given up on America. Can you believe it? It's all lies, of course, to keep those that don't think for themselves a reason to pick the GOP once again.

The Bushies went into the wrong country. It wasn't Iraq that attacked us...the was Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda wasn't even in Iraq. Now they are. You bet.

Now...he's fanning the flames of the MidEast about an undivided Jerusalem. Great...Holy War. Hey, they've got to give the working people some alternatives to revolution; send them to die overseas and if they make it back and succeed some of them might become Republicans and exploit the next generation.

"In choosing Palin as his running mate, John McCain has chosen for the future," says Giuliani. A very scary future I'm sure. He touts her as having more executive experience than the entire Democratic ticket combined. As if...being a small town/state dictator is gonna fly in DC. Ooohh he zinged him. "Maybe they cling to religion there." followed by boos. Oh yeah, she clings. She had the temerity to tell the out-going mayor of Wasilla that now they'd "have a Christian mayor." How Christian of her....

Giuliani is good at propaganda. You have to give him that.

Oh, and now she's on the stage. Governor Palin is looking so...Republican right now. And the cutaway shot to the boy who's just made eye-contact with his future mother-in-law is priceless--looks like he's about to cry. Talk about being able to deliver. I hope her daughter actually likes him.

I wonder what Hillary Clinton is doing right now.

This Palin woman is slick. She's a true believer. She's a big threat and the Dems are going to need to make their case. Oh my...the audience is eating her up. There she goes telling the world her son's exact deployment date...why is that necessary to her? Oh...because it's 9/11. Duh.

Now she's addressing special needs families. "You will have a friend, an advocate in the White House." Great, but what specifically are she and McCain going to do to get insurance companies to pay for treatments, etc? (On their website 90 percent of the two paragraphs babble on about preventing autism. On the Obama site there are pages devoted to treating people and families affected by autism in a respectful manner...with real proposals for program support.)

She's definitely a politician. And just happens to mention hubby's 1/144th Yu'pik Inuit ancestry, but she says "eskimo" like most uneducated white folk. Oh, the grannies are eye-balling him. "He drives snowmobiles!" Oh look, her parents are adorable. We're screwed. Not. yet.

Oh my...she grew up with the people who "are always proud of America." I wonder why, then, her husband was/is a member of the secessionist movement in Alaska? Oh, and now the baby is on the littlest daughter's lap. Is she going to drop him while daddy's taking his bow?

"Being a small town mayor is like a community organizer except that you have actual responsibilities." A real zinger, Sarah. May I call you Sarah? Oh and a bunch of muscle men in suits are dragging a woman up the stairs...did she not clap enough for Princess Sarah? Oh my, she's gonna be a tough one to beat. Oh...and she's going to have a "servant's heart and carry (her)self in that spirit as vice president." Mmmmmmkay. Why the dis on community organizing though? Snarky.

She's slick...kinda like Willy. I like that she sold Alaska's former governor's corporate jet on eBay. (Actually, it didn't sell there but no matter.) She's lying about not wanting the bridge to nowhere. First she did want it and when the Feds cut off funding, that's when she said, "thanks but no thanks." Like there was a choice. Obfuscation.

Now she's talking about ravaging the North Slope of Alaska. And she's picking up the alternative fuels football. And she's really dissing Obama. Nasty. Nasty Republican wench.

Look at all the rich people "boo-ing" Obama for Palin. She's going after the swing states. Now she's saying, there are those who "use change to promote their careers, and then there are those...who use their careers to promote change."

Wow, she's quite the cheerleader. I wonder how she debates. She's got those glib lies on her sleeve. Boy, if I could speak that quickly, I'd want to speak truth to power, not obfuscate. She's got a smarmy tone to her voice. Now she's rah-rah-ing the fact that John McCain is the only one to have served in the armed forces. See...guns matter.

Man, that's a good--if annoying--speech. She's got a good, folksy delivery--kinda like Reagan but more likeable. Hey, we're not beaten yet.

McCain is smart in a wacky, sell-your-soul way. He picked a daughter-like shadow. She painted a real picture with her delivery. From now on it will be everyone's vaginas on their own! no recourse from someone putting in something that we don't want in there. " got raped and the doctor says you shouldn't have any babies? well, too bad. You're f*$%d and dead." Yikes.

Oh, and smart move on her part taking the baby in her arms after her family joins her onstage. And now there's John McCain...he's seems pleasantly surprised and it's nice to see him getting the accolades after hearing his story...yet again.

Okay, so who's going to give him his Ritalin in the White House? Who will be his handler, someone from the Dobson camp?

Well...where does she/they get their money from? Lots of questions....

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tangenjill said...

on behalf of someone's email to me: I don't know how you could have watched the R Convention.
I couldn't stand to listen to the lying SOB's. And after reading about Palin and listening to some of her speech, I would love to get her in a room alone and beat the crap out of her.