Monday, January 5, 2009

Another Perspective...

A fellow Michigander, whom I met studying in Jerusalem, then at the Michigan Daily and years later in New York at a discussion in someone's living room, Gayle Kirshenbaum wrote an essay which first appeared in Tikkun magazine in 2003.

While I don't agree with everything she writes, I think her points are worth thinking about in how we approach education.

Do we teach supremacy or respect for the truth? Do we meet as equals and acknowledge each other's history? Do we move forward for justice for all? It's an important question for anyone. And it just seemed timely right now.

My dream would be the establishment of a Palestinian state side-by-side with Israel with a third state (and not just metaphysical) of overlapping respect and ability for people to live side-by-side in peace. This would require cooperation on all sides--and maybe some land donated by Jordan, too.

A new future with mutual respect and coexistence could evolve the current Middle East sectarianism.

Of course, that would mean that Hamas (an other organizations bent on destroying Israel) would need to change. It's not only up to Israel.

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