Monday, April 6, 2009


It's that time again...the time of anticipation. With snowy ghosts of winter receding, Spring is finally here. I'm leaning forward toward summer wondering where it will be.

Family is gathering in Michigan; the annual Fourth of July get-together is on! The boys will see their cousins. The dogs will get to play. Then on's up in the air: Mountain Lakes Camp? Camp Kiwi? Camp Grandma/'s all good.

The actualization of all this anticipation will be just fine. It always is; the older I get the more I realize that life is--like Einstein said--always moving, always changing. I just have to remember not to lock my knees so that I can just surf the wave. And always have a few suitcases lying about.

On a broader note I think it's most excellent that President Obama is visiting Turkey on his trip to Europe. Having traveled there in 1990, I was struck at what a diverse country Turkey is. Its democracy is still encircled by an overly powerful military. Still, it's a very interesting, dynamic land.

Learning some history, I was intrigued about the fall of Constantinople. Contrary to what I thought, it was western Chrisitians who sacked the city during one of the last crusades. Today, the Hagia Sofya still stands in Istanbul.

It's great that President Obama sees this as an opportunity once more to bridge a divide. Like the isthmus of the Bosphorus does for Turkey, and Europe and Asia collectively, Obama is doing what he promised; he's inviting everyone inside the circle, instead of leaving masses to an ever-widening gyre set to rip things apart.

A major earthquake struck in Italy sad.

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