Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Spring Break!

We're getting ready to explore a nearby wilderness park and museum. It's a beautiful blue day, and instead of having an all-day Mario Kart Double Dash marathon, I'm getting the boys out to explore nature.

Who knows...maybe we'll see an emerging turtle, I mean, tortoise. (I'll never stop calling them all turtles.) Maybe we'll catch a fish. Maybe we'll just see a bunch of birds and play on the jungle gym. We'll be outside:)

Last night we experienced three hours without electricity. As the sunshine dimmed in the old farm house on the hill, candlelight gave it an entirely different feel. A glimpse into yesteryear. And before we ran out of water from the electric pump in the basement, the juice began to flow again. Sigh...I liked it while it lasted.

That reminds me of the candlemaking project that I've been putting off. It's time to make some wicks, get out the tall cans and start melting wax.

Later! Now we're heading outside!

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