Friday, May 22, 2009


There is no excuse. While I think the death penalty is meted out unfairly in this country--what this man/boy did is the worst. Steven Green took out his anger on an innocent family...catalyzed others to brutalize and murder--lose their humanity--and rape a young girl. This is the OPPOSITE of what "we're" supposed to be about.

With Cheney & Co.'s "plan" to grab Iraqi assets, they forgot to protect the people (& their museum...unforgivable). By not finishing off Al-Qeda and the anti-female Taliban and by carelessly seeking revenge in Iraq, the Bush administration is ultimately responsible for this chaos. And now we're all left with the result

Senseless revenge--and using sex as a weapon against others--hurts in a cyclical, never-ending way until we consciously decide to live in BALANCE. That, of course, would require looking at our enemy as a person/human like one's self and not acting in a barbaric way toward unarmed, defenseless families. That would require males to control their worst impulses even when goaded by others. not ending this man's life, maybe he'll have the chance to see the error of his ways. Don't do unto others as you wouldn't have them do unto you...and your family.

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