Friday, June 5, 2009

I've Got Your Back...

In times such as these, it's important to speak up.

I am for peace. I am for a future where all our children can make a better world. That's not naive. That's the only sane choice for humanity.

President Obama did a good job in speaking truth to intransigence yesterday in Cairo. Those who see the "other" only in demonizing terms are afraid to move toward a more-balanced relationship. This is understandable. Humans have done some pretty inhuman stuff to each other--and that's not an insult to animals. (Animals have been known to adopt children or other species and raise them as their own.)

Now, we--on all sides of this dispute/conversation--need to reign in or quash the extremist tendencies among us. Those who speak of violence must be shouted down or outed. Those who threaten the peacemakers are afoul of the law. Incitement to violence, especially against our leader, is intolerable.

People who would denigrate President Obama are a challenge we must confront. Fear is natural. We must remember the past and not repeat the worst part of it. With that, Israel must not bomb Gaza--unless it allows innocent civilians temporary sanctuary within its borders.

And Palestinians and the Arab world and Muslims in general must recognize the Jewish people and their historic connectedness to the land of Israel. Terrorism must end. Israel-hating must stop. Ishmael and Isaac were brothers, afterall.

Everyone can love the same land without having to put on superior or fearful airs. The best spiritual teachers have known this. If certain people are "chosen" begs the question...chosen for what?
to lead?
to be scape-goated?
to be questioning?
to pick up take-out?

Hating the other, instead of trying to understand a different point-of-view, is embracing failure and disconnectedness.

There is no favorite. All are children of the One. A true parent loves all its children.

We should respect one another and stop acting on our fears and start living our dreams and aspirations for the good of all.

See the reflection in the other's eyes:

"I and I should not fight but live in peace for ever."

Just sayin'...shalomsalaampeace... ohhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Or is that just ridiculous?

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