Friday, December 4, 2009

Justice or Just Us?

We should not use others to bad ends.
We must make room for love__at the least__respect.

Instead of teaching out of fear or hatred…why not say, some people love whomever they choose; I hope that you, my child and future parent of children, will choose to marry one of our own people.

Having a hopeful attitude and teaching from a standpoint of love
may prevent a sorry future for us all.

But do not condemn your own children from loving another;
Do not condemn those who choose to marry an other.

Remember that Moses married another/an other and her people...became family. And Ruth was a noble companion to Naomi. There have been countless others, no doubt.

Do not condemn those whose hearts include the greater circle of humankind. Whom you choose to love consciously or unconsciously is your own path, but to ridicule others who choose another way is wrong and potentially tragic.

Be careful what you teach your children—not to consider or name others as “mixed up,” as though they are bizarre and spiraling away from the whole; to do so breeds contempt or injustice. And justice, justice, you shall pursue is a tenet not only for your own concept of self but for all; we can heal this world but only with the right attitudes.

Do not allow true believers among you to spew hatred unchallenged. Fear and hatred are dragging people away from their better selves.

I cannot be silent when some people are behaving inhumanely__in the name of religion. Extremists on ALL sides are our problem, not those who wish to live in harmony. We must heal this world.

Even if you don’t feel that way, you might acknowledge that sitting idly by perpetuates a cycle of violence.

You might ponder when Abraham pimped Sarah to Pharaoh, did he try to make it up to her by purchasing Hagar? And if so, how did that work?

Hagar was a subordinate, a slave. When she became the child bearer and challenged Sarah's status, how was that to end? Imagine if these women had been equals, if both had vowed not to supercede the other, could there have been peace? Maybe a different path could have emerged for progeny.

What if Ishmael, or Isaac for that matter, had been a girl? What if people today randomly chose to name their daughters Hagar or Sarah, Sarah Hagar, Hagar Sarah, etc., and love them equally; perhaps that would be a start toward stopping the insanity.

It's not just a story. Expecting peace to reign where imbalance rules is delusional. What’s wrong with allowing room for the other to live in peace and equality? If I treat another well there is a room for peace to grow. If I treat someone badly, how can I expect good to come of it?

Whereas, if I treat someone fairly__and there still is discord__there can be room to air the grievance and work out a livable, humane solution. With forgiveness.

But to condemn another to desolation by our choice, even as she is condemning us, is choosing a bleak future for us all. The wheel is ever turning, and when we look in the mirror what do we see?

Know before whom you are standing is written above sanctuary doors. This truth, I believe, is for both our outer and our inner selves...our worlds. If one is not for nurturing peace, what is their reality?

Fear may be ever present no matter how one chooses to act toward others, but one way of acting allows for that fear to shrink and make room for something else to grow…

Justice does not mean just us; it is__necessarily__a relationship.

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