Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Connections

The recent New York Times story (June 9, 2010) publishing of research closely genetically linking Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews should come as no surprise. And the connection with Mizrachi (middle eastern) Jews, albeit further back historically, isn't news to many people.

What is surprising is the dearth of "and so, then..." realizations. We are all connected. And by "we" I mean everyone. Research on the Y chromosome traces male lineage; however, that's only half the story.

In truth it's not only the different branches of Jews who are connected, but also all the people who historically call the "Promised Land" home. When you look at the female genetic data, one is sure to find connections across religious, ethnic and any other line.

There has been mixing among peoples from time immemorial. One only has to look at holy texts to confirm this, or read the local paper. Jews and Arabs are family. One big family.

And so before one sibling destroys the other, let's try and make peace. We don't have to sing the other's praises, but it wouldn't hurt to acknowledge them.

Each of us has a voice. We must dare to speak.

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