Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pam Geller Does NOT Speak for Me.

Having just read the New York Times article on blogger, Pamela Geller, I am disgusted with her arrogant bigotry. As a Jewish American I am annoyed that this narrow-minded person thinks she speaks for me. She does NOT.

She has taken a legitimate concern of women's rights in Islamic societies and has defamed an entire faith. And by trying to link all Palestinians to Hamas, she makes an opening for those who would call all Israelis right-wing expansionists. Unfairly generalizing in such a complex situation breeds ignorance and more hatred...exactly what we don't need in the world.

It's ironic that she warns of Islam tearing down the West yet is critical of the Hagia Sofia being turned first into a mosque and now a museum.When you enter the portico of that building you can still see the gilt-tiled portrait of Jesus sitting on a throne. That could've been destroyed and wasn't...

(The actual sacking of Constantinople came not from the Muslims but by the Roman Christians brutalizing their Eastern Christian brethren.)

Having a narrow point-of-view does not make Geller an expert on anything except her own biases. How can she justify urging the destruction of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem? How is that notion helpful in making the Earth a more peaceful place? It's more likely to bring on a self-fulfilling Armageddon scenario.

If ever there is to be a third Temple built on the Temple Mount, wouldn't it be better for that to happen in a future time when everyone agrees that that is the way forward? A real Messianic Era__not a us-and-them kind of thing. Forcing an issue before its time, at the expense of others, is wrong. The fairly secular leaders of Israel until now have been smart in not allowing the zealots to take over.

Geller is an extremist bully that moderate people would be wise to shout down. Fomenting culture wars damages discourse, and I for one won't stand silently on the sidelines. Any society can become uncivilized, and she is a perfect example of someone cluelessly cozying up with would-be fascists and Nazi sympathizers. We don't need more apologists for ignorant hatred. We need to defend democracy for all its citizens. Whom does she think she's kidding? She does not speak for me!

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