Friday, November 26, 2010

Limbaugh's Learnin's

What Rush Limbaugh doesn't know about being an American:

--Our Pilgrim forbears were mostly grateful for the assistance that the Wampanoag gave the settlers of Plimoth Plantation;

--Blaming all Native Americans for selling Manhattan twice to the Dutch is like blaming all New Yorkers when you find out you don't own the Brooklyn Bridge after all__and who really lost out there anyway?

--General George Washington's troops included Native Americans:
 "Some were still boys--as young as 12--others in their 50s and 60s. They were described as fair, pale, freckled, brown, swarthy and black.While the majority were white, the army included both Negroes and American Indians."
     In fact soldiers at Valley Forge were saved from starvation by people of the Oneida nation:


Blaming tobacco addiction on Native Americans is silly, especially since it primarily was/is used in a ceremonial way (note to Limbaugh: the overuse of any "medicine" isn't good for you);

Most Americans don't grow up hating Native Americans...what's with that anyway?

Instead of peddling historical revision Limbaugh should read some actual history (I recommend the local library or public school) for everything he missed during his formative, spitball years.

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