Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Egypt (1985)

Wow. Revolution. I remember that January twenty-six years ago. A ten day trip to Egypt...Misr. I'm hoping that people stay safe in this transitional time.

Egypt is an amazing place. I'm hoping a more just future awaits the people there. I hope the peace process continues with bullies pushed aside.

The Sphinx at Giza, just outside of Cairo

Kufu's (Cheop's) pyramid and dromedary

Life along the Upper Nile, facing West

Near Kitchener's Island and Aga Khan Mausoleum (facing NE)

Entrance to the Valley of the Kings, across the Nile from Luxor
(reminds me of Shelley's "Ozymandius")

School girls of Luxor, Upper Eqypt

Karnak Temple (it's HUGE!)

Karnak Temple, Luxor
(there's a hall w/@ 200 of these pillars)

Abu Simbel (the Temple of Rameses II was moved to Southern Egypt by UNESCO to save it from the Aswan Dam project).
Gate Keeper (notice the Ankh)

Inside Abu Simbel

Tomb painting

Visiting Cairo's oldest university, Al-Azhar

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