Tuesday, March 13, 2012

You Can't Always Get What You Want...

Election years always bring out the extremes it seems. Down in the South "mysteries" about President Obama's birth certificate and religion are obfuscating the real issues, the ongoing war on democracy and human rights.

Since September 11, 2001, we as Americans have given up more rights than were gained since the Civil War. I'm not exaggerating. With the new era of robber barons and widening income disparity between the Earth's people, civilization is at a crossroads.

Born in the '60s and having a decent middle class life in the suburbs, I never would've predicted that our future would be so fraught with division. Whatever happened to the "Age of Aquairius"? I was no hippie, although I would've wanted to dress like one; I was an idealistic kid who bought into "it's a small world," after all. I read my Nat. Geo magazine and planned on seeing the world. Never did I think in choosing that path, teaching abroad and elsewhere, that I would be giving up a future of stability or making a difference. In following my path I, too, would have something to contribute.

But enough about me.

I am saddened to think how far to the right this country and the world have gone. Instead of making a better world for all, wars have taken their toll. Innocent people are killed daily in order for the few really bad actors to be stopped. There has got to be a better way.

Not being a religious person I have to admist that at times like these an appearance of the miraculous, nirvanic/messianic enlightenment is devoutly to be wished. Now, I'm not talking about fake stagings of the coming of the Messiah. I mean if people truly woke up and saw that we're all interconnected, that we don't have to spiral into destruction, we could tread water a bit and gain our bearings.

Growing spiritually doesn't require fanaticism or closed-mindedness. It's an individual path. Seeing yourself or the divine in the other is the first step. Resisting the urge to hurt another is another. Why become the thing you loathe? If you resist you find balance in the tension of ever-wakefulness. This world leads into the next, I believe. It's imperative that we act as healers and not destroyers. The choice is ours.

It may take a leap of faith to act in good faith, but the rewards could be immense. Imagine a world going in a different direction; instead of dismembering the Solomonic baby, we could preserve the whole and have a future. Our children and their children deserve it, not endless war and lies.

Who profits from war? Who can honestly choose that over another way, one that doesn't require slaughter and subterfuge. Speaking truth to power has always necessitated risking one's current level of comfort. I don't want to be comfortable with the state of our world. If each of us can make a difference then that's what I choose to do.

I start by welcoming dialogue.

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