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Distorted View of Beauty

Since when is starving a power image? Who raises their daughters to be weak and call it beautiful? The patriarchy and their henchmen. It's psychological abuse. It's an us vs. them elitism with very few "winners."

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now for Something Positive...

This is a nice article on a beautiful place from the past....

Hate Speech Against Native Americans is NOT American

Sad to say I could believe it when I read it...and since when is sophomoric male behavior the standard of what gets broadcast? This reminds me of freshman psychology class at UM where after the women in my class described a multi-faceted ideal man (all positive), the "men" in my class snickered that the ideal woman was "about three feet tall, with a flat head (to put your beer on) and her mouth open...."

Misogyny is alive in this world; it is the enemy. Those who perpetuate it are sick. They should seek to heal...not to spread more of this disease.