Thursday, September 25, 2008

Superiority is Delusional

Some folks hold America apart as superior based on the Manifest Destiny myth which drove "white" settlers and missionaries west to conquer the land and its people. But this is a myth. Some folks' viewpoints narrowed in whom they thought should have rights. Others' losses were their gains; Native Americans were denied U.S. citizenship until the 1920s.

Still other people acknowledged the common threads that bind all American people together despite our specific heritages. That is the beauty of this land.

America is a blend of nations. Westward settlers of yore mixed and married with Native Americans, and it's important to acknowledge the positive cultural contributions of those that were here before us. We should be proud of those roots; we don't need to perpetuate the delusion of "white" superiority or an evangelical focus on Armageddon. Freethinking people of other or no faiths have an equal place in America.

Most recently big differences in the America's self-portraits were displayed at the two political conventions. One showed an amalgam of all America; the other resembled a frat party for the old "Westward, ho!" tale.

To move toward a more perfect union, our nation should embrace the common sense values of Native American teachings. These include balance; hunting is for sustenance, not to decimate an entire species. We might be stewards, but we are also students of many teachers in this world if only we open our eyes. In the end if there is a Creator, s/he is the Creator of all of us on the planet and beyond. Let's treat one another with respect and stop the missionary-as-superior act. Enough! We're all family.

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